Here’s How:

Peer pressure. It’s something we were warned about by teachers and parents. From a young age we were taught to make good choices and not to be influenced by the “naughty kids” we hung around with.

Well now you’re an adult peer pressure isn’t something to worry about right?


How many times have you gone out with colleagues or even friends and family and heard “Come on, one little drink isn’t going to hurt”? Some people can be persistent and border on being big bullies, all in the name of alcohol. It can be really demotivating.

  1. Be honest — Making a positive lifestyle change is nothing to be ashamed of. Who knows, you may even inspire someone else to do the same.
  2. Straight up lie — If honesty isn’t working for you, say you’re on antibiotics.
  3. Order a coke or a Mocktail — Who’s really going to find out it’s not the “real thing”?
  4. Volunteer to be the designated driver
  5. Say you’re on a diet and watching the calories — Beer bellies are a real thing!
  6. Have an exit strategy — Know when it’s your cue to leave.



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